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The food safety

       Marine aquaculture is a group of pillar industry, after years of development, at 39.4 degrees north latitude - the best breeding area, has 12000 mu of aquaculture waters, is one of the largest Marine products farming base.

       Group of aquaculture products are "bottom sowing cultivation" technology application. Bottom sowing cultivation is a new emerging in recent years, and obvious effects the development of a ZhongYangShi way, small investment, easy management, with the advantages of scale development, is particularly suitable for island unique sea condition, development potential is very huge. Bottom sowing cultivation make Marine products grow in the deep sea, the growth process nearly natural growth state and has the characteristics of natural, pollution-free products. Company has formed a bottom sowing shrimp reduced scallops, sea cucumber, abalone and other Marine products of large-scale farming.

Aquatic products processing 

      Group consists of five subsidiaries, namely Dalian Fisheries Limited tripod deer, Wisdom Marine Bio Co., Ltd. Dalian, Dalian wisdom marine food Branch, Dalian Fisheries Limited fairy island. Total registered capital of 30 million yuan, the company built three modern processing plants:

        A plant located in the small village Sanbanggulsa long, annual two thousand five hundred tons, the main production of shellfish products.
        Kashima Plant is located in Canton Village pier wicker, mainly the production of sea cucumber, abalone, Xia Yibei, annual two thousand five hundred tons.
        Three plants located in the small village of Long Shan sets, the main production of shellfish products, annual fifteen hundred tons.
        Total area of ​​7600 square meters, construction area of ​​6,000 square meters, with advanced production equipment and testing instruments, in strict accordance with the SSOP HACCP food safety management system and compliance with FDA and EU standards requirements for processing, has passed the HACCP international certification system and QS domestic certification system and the ISO9000 international quality management system certification. There are 1,500 tons cold storage plant, four international advanced production lines. In 2008 the company invest in the construction of modern thermostatic air-conditioned library, two low-temperature packing room, the current annual production and export capacity of 6,000 tons.

Domestic and foreign trade 

     Dalian Zhihui Fishery GroupHas formed products, frozen goods, fresh multiple series such as ready-to-eat products, sales network has covered the world, won the consumers and dealer's widespread high praise, for seven years steady development, rising.

Xia Yi scallops, bay scallop, mussel meat, fish processing, processing products have single frozen scallop column, frozen boiled skirt side shell meat, frozen column the seeds, half shell shellfish, fish fillet, etc., products are exported to the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan. 

      Among them, shellfish of a single product with a 70% share of the market in South Korea. Wisdom fishery or dalian first shellfish processing enterprises, products accounted for 10% of China's market share. 
Brand image shop 

       2008 began, the group prepared and opened a "blessing famous" brand stores, began to get involved in the domestic market sales, the main types of seafood, sea cucumber sales, and brand value for the wisdom of fishery performance.

        "Blessing to health that blessing to the God of wealth" is our ad, and strive to wisdom Fishery Group dealing with customers, a complete manifestation to all consumers.
        Stores established a complete system of member services, a variety of promotional activities for members layers is not poor, truly caring service, our philosophy is: use products to attract members, with services to retain members. Try to do the Member's personal nutrition experts.