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Product culture


Sea cucumber: 

Yun's original sea food in the original bait
No force of nature without cowardice of the body
Eat Jervis taken its true Rose
This is the essence of Sibu


Changhai welfare of natural waters
Fu Bao name in order to reward
Capacity of more than nourish the endless Cheng Fuqing

Sea urchins:

The taste of fresh sea products
Native waters is able to provide superior
Living the nourishing strong tendency to be added
Hailed as fresh raise double blessing


Gold latitude to natural fertility
Not only delicious and more flooding adverse
Ju Mong festive accompanied merchants
People called - Fubei

King crab series products: 

Why Ming
My heart its own world
Bearing extraordinary achievements

Lobster products:

Canadian lobster
Born longer than the original ecological pure Atlantic waters
Then to be long and full name -
Longevity lobster

Snow crab products:

There is also the color of pure meat of full
Significantly Greenland original body style
Royal own true style
Pendulum whole crab
Full affective whole ceremony